I found a nifty looking pot holder pattern
&&i followed it exactly


I am currently knitting the worlds largest potholder

Oh. Boy.

:teehee: Are you supposed to felt it?


I think I’m just going to wing the rest of it
&& fold it over

It appears to end bigger than my computer screen :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the first thing that came to my mind too, Ingrid.

Prettylittlelie-can you post a link to the pattern?

Maybe you’re using thicker yarn and bigger needles than the pattern needs?

Nope! Followed it exactly!

The pictures were misleading lol

When they say the gauge “doesn’t really matter”- they mean it! I would have to look up how big in US sizes a 5mm needle is to do it.

I am sure you’ll find good use for it (large pans to grab 2 handed maybe???)

I think the cotton yarn they’re referring to in the pattern is actually bedspread weight cotton, like you would use to knit or crochet a doily. That would definitely make the piece come out smaller!

I thought it looked pretty thin for worsted. Oh well, you could make another just using one strand.