Ever had a project you need a specific yarn for and you CAN’T FIND IT?! I’m planning on knitting two pair of socks for family. One pair needs to be purple and gold (LSU colors) and the other blue and orange (Auburn colors). I’d take variegated or just two different colors, but I can’t find what I need! The real problem is that my mother refuse to handwash anything, so the yarn has to be machine washable with the rest of the clothes, no delicate care. I feel like I have looked everywhere! sigh This is just my rant in a place where people (unlike my husband) will understand. Thanks for listening.

Are these gifts for the intended? If not, I’d tell them you can’t find those specific colors in a yarn that can be washed and dried.

Yeah, I have had issues finding yarn for projects. Way to many times. I don’t have a LYS nearby, so that doesn’t help.

:hair:I feel your frustration! I’m having a similar issue finding a true red color. I am knitting socks for the girls standing up in my wedding (red is my theme color) and all three are the “I refuse to hand wash anything” types. I never realized it would be so hard to find a normal solid red (not brick or nearly pink) in a washable yarn. I think I finally stumbled on a few possibilities at Yarn Market… if I can at least convince them to use the delicate cycle!

maybe it’s just me but if I have a color I want and can’t find it in the yarn that I need I would buy white yarn and dye it. (it’s messy but atleast you get the color you want) I can’t promise it always works but it’s an idea

If the yarn is really unusual, you may not be able to find it on line, but have you tried to see if the one you want is available somewhere (even eBay)?

Try the Team Spirit colors from the Loopy Ewe. Today there are three pages of colors posted. This is a great company to order through.


Have you tried Knitpicks? Between Essential, Essential Kettle-dyed, and Risata, you might find the colors you need. I believe all three of those are super-wash.

Thanks all for the response! Loopy Ewe actually did have one of the exact combinations I was looking for! But I can’t afford $22 for socks. :frowning: I have decided to just dye my own. I’m going to use KnitPick’s sock blanks so I know my socks will be identical. (I am completely OCD about that kind of thing.) I was hesitant about this at first because I’ve never dyed yarn, but my knitting group is having a dye party in a few weeks, so I will have lots of help not screwing it up.

The bold red is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! :muah:

I have this yarn in red:
Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka. I haven’t finished the socks so I haven’t washed them but it is a beautiful red.

If you don’t mind, would you post about using the sock blanks when you are through? I have been looking at those and pondering trying them out, so I’d love to hear how it goes for you.