Gah! Not enough!

I bought two balls of Jarbo Raggi to knit a pair of socks with. I figured 2 balls would surely be enough for a pair of socks. But the more I work on the foot, the more I think it’s NOT going to be enough. The nearest yarn store that sells it is 175 miles away. I should have just bought 3. :wall:

I know that feeling. Are you knitting them from the toe up? If so, you could unravel a little from the leg of the first and knit the 2nd’s leg shorter to correspond.

Could you do toes, heels, and/or part of the cuff with another yarn in your stash?

Nope. Top down. It’s my first pair too. Bummer.

I don’t think any of my other yarn would work with it.

If you haven’t gotten too far, you might want to frog and start from the toe up to get the max out of what you have. You may have enough for anklets, if nothing else.

I’m almost to the toes. I’m just going to keep xxx and hope I have enough. If not I think I’ll call the yarn store and see if they’d be willing to express mail me a ball.

If they don’t I can send you some :slight_smile: They have it in my grocery store/LYS. I don’t really know what colours they have though…

Heh, I suppose they would since it’s from Sweden. :teehee: It seems to be a bit hard to find here. I’m going to Kansas tomorrow and I checked the yarn stores between here and there and they don’t have it.

Thanks for the offer. It’s very nice of you. :slight_smile: