GAH!...made a mistake in my scarf!

My hubby says: “Oh nobody will notice, just keep on going…”

Silly guy, never knit a stitch in his life…but I know you all will agree that frogging time is here for me. Fortunately, it’s only a few short rows.

Let’s see how fast you can spot my oopsie.

I dunno, maybe you zigged when you shoulda zagged, but it’s ont that obvious to me.

ok, I’ll give you a hint.

Pattern goes: 8 rows striped garter (orange/yellow/orange/yellow…); 6 rows solid color stockinette in either orange or yellow, alternating…then: garter stripes, solid stockinette, garter stripes, solid stockinette…

If nobody gets it now, I’m telling! hehe

Is it that you didn’t stripe the last 3 or 4 rows? I still love that scarf! Couldn’t see it on the other post, but now I can see it perfectly! :inlove:

(and I’m with your DH. I think I’d leave it. Adds interest)

you just need to frog a few rows and put in the alternating color garter st rows, right?

Soooo, you didn’t following the striping pattern or something? You’re the only one who knows you didn’t change the colors, no one else can tell. It’s not a mistake, it’s your modification of the original. Leave it.

hahaha, I knew you gals could make me feel better. You’re right: I forgot the striping.

So I frogged 4 rows and started to stripe…twice! It just didn’t want to co-operate!!!

So I left two rows, and you’re right: nobody will notice, I’m sure.

Then I went outside and took this pic from the lawn.

and sunrise over our pond

I’ve done that so many times it isn’t funny - just get in the groove and not pay attention to what I’m doing. At least you didn’t have to frog much! It’s looking great!

Not only an expert knitter, but an excellent photographer as well!! I hope you don’t mind, but I have your pond pic as my wallpaper here at work. It may be fall where you are, but down here in the “deep south”, it was 90 degrees today at lunchtime. Your pics gave me a touch of fall (even if only in my imagination).

[I] I don’t mind at all, Melanie…help yourself; I enjoy sharing the scenery where I live.[/I]

What great AUTUMN LEAVES photographs! Love them!

About frogging: it depends on you, and how you feel about it! I would frog and force myself to re-do…however, you may want to continue on, lesson learned, and vow to do better on the next scarf!

It is a beautiful scarf, regardless!!

here’s another photo of my backyard (or is it the front yard? Our house is sideways to the road, so I’m confused…

I could see from the dining room where I was eating bfst - this little glowing orange tree, lit up by the sunrise at 7:14AM. So I jumped up leaving my porridge, grabbed the camera and ran down to pond’s edge to catch this…to the sound of my DH shouting: “your breakfast will get cold…” (he NEVER leaves his food for anything…)

or this next pic of the sky and other side, which was also glowing:


It’s promising to be a clear day today, after a week of solid rain. I’m going out to soak me up some sun!

Fabulous! Fabulous! God is truly the Greatest Artist, yes?

Yes, He is.