Gah, frustrated knitting newbie needs help!

I’ve been knitting (or learning, anyway) for about a month or so, and I’m working on a basic stockinette scarf right now.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but what I’ve knitted so far curls around! The scarf is 24 cast on stitches on size 8 (US) needles.

What can I do to fix this? I think it’s something I’m doing wrong on the last stitch of the row, because they seem pretty loose.

Can anyone help me figure it out? I can link to an example of what I’m talking about if I haven’t been descriptive enough.

Thank you so much! (If It weren’t for this website, I wouldn’t have learned to knit at all!)

Oh, we newbies. We’re all so cute. :slight_smile:

Noway, allow me to be the first one to gently break this news to you. Stockinette stitch curls. I have a tube scarf as proof. You can try to fix this by knitting a border around the edge of the scarf or by sewing some fleece to the back of the scarf.

There have been a few earlier posts on this topic. Check these out:

Thank you so much!

I’m so glad it’s the stitch that’s the cause of the curl and not something I’m doing!

And thanks for the links to the other threads… I’m going to read them right away!