GAH! A Yarn Rant

I’m knitting a summer tank sweater and I bought a couple more balls of yarn than the max the pattern called for. I’m not even done with the back yet and I’m nearly out of yarn. I’m using the yarn called for in the size ball called for, just in another color. I’ve never seen another pattern this far off the mark, but, it’s a free pattern… you get what you pay for, right?

Anyhoo, I got to the online site I originally bought the yarn for as Patons is not widely distributed in my small burg. They no longer offer that shade… I thought, oh, it’s out of stock, then I remembered that when something is out of stock, you can put it on a reminder list and it shows as out of stock, this Indigo is not even there on the page any longer.

So, being the intrepid little hunter that I am, I find another US distributor and figure I will just order it there… at 3 times the price I paid at the other place. Uh no, I will gladly start over in another color before I pay more for the yarn than I would have paid for someone else to make the sweater for me. If the original store has the color and it’s just a web page snafu, even if I buy the same amount as I did the first time, I will still have paid less for ALL of the yarn than the second store wants to charge me for enough balls just to finish my project. That’s insane.

So I emailed customer service to inquire after this color and I hope to God it was some weird confluence of internet events. I’ve already had to listen to the spousal unit enough over the hanks of red alpaca I accidentally ordered too much of. For this I’ll actually have to listen to him talk about work or something as horrible.

Since you used the same yarn that’s very strange! You didn’t change size or anything?

You can use a contrasting color for certain parts and no one will be the wiser thinking you did it on purpose. My friend is doing that because she doesn’t have enough yarn of one color and it will be beautiful that way.

I remember thinking when I got the balls of yarn that surely the pattern called for larger needles, and I read the pattern several times over before deciding that I’d just have to knit it and see how it worked out. I honestly thought that at the most I would need one or two more balls, sadly I was very mistaken. My real hope is that the store I originally bought it from was just having an off day and I can buy more straight away. I have one ball left to complete the back.

The lace pattern is very elegant but not so delicate that you’d be afraid to wear it, which is what sold me on the pattern. It’s also the first thing I’ve made for myself in too long to remember.

So you used a different needle size? That might affect it some, but I wouldn’t think to the extent you’re saying. Weird. Hope you can get more.

Is your gauge on? If it’s off, you could be using a lot more yarn than someone at the correct gauge. Also, they may have figured the yarn on a different size ball of yarn. Some yarn companies like to change sizes of the yarn balls and it may be smaller than it used to. I know a lot of yarns will be larger skeins with solids than with self-striping or multi-colored colorways.

I used a size 6 circular, the largest needle recommended and my gauge was spot on, so I thought, for sure that the pattern was correct on the amount of yarn needed. I have written them to see if perhaps there was a typo and they can make a correction on the pattern page.

When I compare my knitting to the pictured finished product, the ribbing looks much more… open, than mine, so that is why I thought perhaps larger needles were required, but not listed. Even their lace looks larger than mine, and again, I am using the largest needle they recommended.

The only thing that scares me if not being able to find more yarn at a cheap price. I’m unwilling to pay $50 from Joann’s when the original order was only $17 from Herrschner’s. I would gladly spend another $17 for the same amount of yarn to finish it, but pay more just to finish than I would have paid for all of the yarn up front is something I refuse to do.

Also, I used the yarn recommended by the pattern designer as it had the look I liked. I just used a dark shade instead of a pastel.

That is strange. Perhaps the yarn is one that comes in small balls and big balls? or it could simply be a pattern typo. Good luck finding the appropriate yarn.

Something to consider: Check at different LYS around your area and online. I ran a few balls short making my first sweater (top-down fit-as-you-go, I had no idea how much yarn I would need). The LYS I first bought the yarn at was out, the yarn was discontinued… in desperation, I went to the LYS near my college. They don’t even carry that brand; but the owner found another LYS that had the yarn, ordered it from them for me, and when the other LYS gave her a discount, she passed the savings on to me (and considering the service I was getting, I’d have paid double and still been happy). The LYS in my hometown would never do that for me! (Guess which store gets 90% of my yarn budget and my recommendation for any knitter in the area?)

And, which Patons yarn are you after? I know a place that carries that brand - or did a couple years ago when I worked there - and you won’t find them online. I don’t know how their prices compare, but I’d be willing to check for you this weekend if you pm me.

I just got an email from Herrschners that told me that yarn, the Patons Angora Bamboo has been discontinued. So now I must scrounge or pay the outrageous price Joann’s is demanding.

You know, Herrschner’s does that quite a bit and never warns you it’s discontinued. It’s one of the reasons I stopped buying from them, after the Moda Dea disaster.

Angela - if you’re on Ravelry, you might check and see if some other knitter has it in her stash and would part with it. It looks like someone has a couple balls of Indigo, though it’s only 2 skeins:

I just changed the design of the sweater. I was making it dark blue and I was going to wear a white shirt under it with a red ribbon … I will do red and white stripes for the front since I really don’t feel like getting yarn piecemeal through auctions and what have you.

It does seem odd to me that Patons would be discontinuing this line of yarn, however, since it is a really agreeable blend of fibers. I’ve written them to see if they might sell it direct, but I told them I flat out would not pay what Joann’s is charging for their product.

good luck. I contacted their customer service about the lack of dye lots meaning anything with their Kroy FX yarn (yes, i DO realize that the shading may be different, but we’re talking a HUGE difference beteween the two balls where even the base colors such as the green, orange, yellow, etc didn’t match) and was given a huge kiss off and told to deal with it.

best customer service i’ve ever had was from coats and clark.