Gague/yarn question

So, I’m a newbie, trying to knit a simple corner to corner garter stitch with YOs baby blanket. The pattern calls for sport or worsted yarn, with different gauge for each. My issue is knitting up the swatch. I realized I purchased a dk weight yarn (not listed on the label :rollseyes: ) but I really do love this yarn (Cashsoft 4ply) and want to use it.

Directions for:
sport weight 22 sts = 4" on #4 in garter
worsted 20 sts = 4" on #7 in garter

Finished measurement is 30" square. So my question is what is my gauge or does it matter if my finished blanket is 30"? I’ve knit on #4 and #6 with my swatches and get almost the same gauge. Is is quite possible I am measuring my swatches incorrectly? Doh! I am so confused trying to figure this out!!

Thanks all!

Your gauge doesn’t matter on this one. You start at the corner and work it as wide as you want and then reduce, right? You’ll just be doing more stitches with the dk than with the worsted.

Whoa! Ingrid, you are a super duper responder. :smiley: Thanks so much for the speedy reply. What a lengthy question for such a simple response. Thanks!