Gague just off

I’ve done my guage swatch for Knucks. The Guage is suppose to be 26sts/36rows= 4 inches. I’m at 28sts/ 40 rows= 4 inches. Do I need to go up to a size 5 needles? Is one size going to be too much difference?

I think it’s worth a swatch, depending on how fussy you are about the fit. I just did a little math, and at one point you’ll have 41 stitches on your needles. That’ll work out to about 1/2 an inch difference…:shrug:

I suppose I should try #5s. It’s not making another swatch that I was trying to avoid, this is just my first DPN project, so I don’t have a set of #5s hanging around waiting to be played with. Maybe Wal-mart will have some, otherwise I may have to wait until Thursday (my LYS open late night) to try again. Thanks Ingrid!