Gague just not there!

So I want to knit Knitty’s “Unbiased” and I just can’t get the gague to come out no matter what I do. is it the yarn I substituted? I chose a worsted weight becauce I thought that would be close. Is this my problem?

Thanks so much!

Yeah, they used odd yarn. It is supposed to be 14 stitches =4 inches. By the modern “Standard Yarn Weight System” that you see with the little skeins with the numbers on them, a worsted is a #4 and is supposed to be yarn that works up to 16-20 stitches in 4 inches. But I think most of what I call worsted is closer to the 20 than to the 16. Chunky #5 yarn is supposed to be knit to 12-15 stitches to 4 inches. You could use 2 strands of your yarn together to get closer to the proper gauge.

My DH who does a little knitting commented, “With a bag you could just use any yarn at a gauge that works for the yarn and you will get a bag, it just wouldn’t be the same size.” That is also true.

That is so helpful! And sweet of your dh to comment. lol Tell him thank you for the comment. The information about yarn and gauge is also very helpful. I’m very new at this still and don’t always understand what is going on. lol

I had thought that if I couldn’t get the gauge then the pattern wouldn’t work. I don’t mind if it isn’t really the right size. lol

Thank you so much, both of you!