Gadget to help with felting?

Saw these at Target yesterday and my first thought was… these would be so cool for felting!!! Granted they’re Dryer Balls, but they should be fine in the washer doncha think?


I’m wondering if you wouldn’t need a LOT of them though to actually work because you need the felting item to get a lot of friction/agitation. At $10 for a pkg of 2 that could get expensive. I think I’ll stick with old jeans, but it’s not a bad idea. :wink:

What if they float?

I thought that too… wonder if putting them in the bag with the knit item would help with just using one set…
I’m a gadget freak… ever seen that goofy “eggstractor”? I had half a mind to fork out the 9.95 just to see if the dang thing really does force the egg shell of the egg. And now that pasta thingy? The tube where you pour boiling water over your pasta, let it sit and then drain, again, i’m just curious enough to see if works…
ima dork like tha… :oops:

Those things really work on TV. You have to wonder, though. I heard the egg peeler just smashed the eggs. And if you’re going to boil water anyway, why not just throw the spaghetti in the water rather than the other way around? I wonder how many people are still using their blooming onion cutter? :rollseyes:

lol, I wonder the same thing about that pasta tube thingy. If ya do break down and buy it, let us know if it really works!! :?? :smiley:

My thoughts exactly on the pasta thing… you’re boiling it anyway ???
My dh seems to think running water through the coffee maker is “better quick way” for hot water for cocoa… um… we have a microwave ! :rollseyes:
honestly… “better” cocoa is hot milk and Godiva cocoa with a Godiva mint patty melted in it :inlove:
And the egg thing… my best tip for easy peeling is to not use super fresh eggs for boiling. at easter, i buy my eggs the weekend before… works every time.
Now, i do recall seeing a Ronco “Buttoneer” in the closet. was good for fixing coat buttons. And we got my mom a “Hot Dogger” for Christmas one year… I vowed I would freak if my family ever gave me appliances for gifts. Until I got a place of my own and wanted things for my kitchen…

I once bought a huge slicer/dicer thing that has all these plates for slicing different things. It’s much easier to get a knife out of the drawer than to pull this monstrosity out. :rollseyes:

I’m about halfway done with my first Booga, and since I have a front loading washer, I thought about washing it with clean tennis balls for more agitation effect when it comes time to felt it. I have a down filled winter coat and on the tag it is recommended to use tennis balls with it when drying it in the dryer for better “fluff” effect.

Hmm I have dryer balls, but I don’t think they’ll aggitate the to be felted object as much as a pair of jeans even if they’re in the same sack or laudry bag. I’m a rookie though and have only “test felted” (but I’m getting there! :slight_smile: )

As for peeling hard boiled eggs. I’ve never gone wrong with this method: Poke a pin through the shell on the fat ends of the eggs, place in a pot and cover with at least 1" of cool water, turn on high and bring to a rolling boil then lower temp and simmer for 12 minutes. Remove eggs from hot water and submerge immediately in a prepared bowl full of water and ice cubes until completely chilled (20 mins is more than enough time). I store them in the fridge uncovered in a bowl in their shells. You can practically peel them with one hand!

Ok so this post was more about cooking hard boiled eggs. :blush:

This is showing my age…I received a Ronco Veg-a-Matic as a wedding present. It smashed the veggies and the plates got stuck in them. I wish I had rights to one of Ron Popiel’s gagets. I could probably retire.

I don’t have trouble peeling eggs, but if you’re boiling water, throw the pasta in and let is stand (no heat) for 20 minutes. The hot water rehydrates it. Same principle as the gaget but you’ve saved $9.99 (more to spend on yarn!!)

re: peeling eggs… i run them under the cold water after the boiling process, OR stick them in the freezer for a few minutes. Something about the cold making the egg shrink from the shell. Presto! No problems.

My dad’s rule for boiling eggs was to put enough cold water in the pan to cover the eggs, put the pan on the burner and turn on the heat until the water comes to a rolling but not vigorous boil (so the eggs don’t hit each other and crack) for 3 minutes. Turn the heat off and let the eggs sit in the hot water until the pan cools. That and using eggs that are least a few days old has always worked for me… I suppose the super fresh ones have a more connected shell and membrane. :thumbsup:

I wonder, tennis balls would be just textured enough to rub the felted item and wouldn’t cause pilling or something… good idea as rewashing clean jeans wouldn’t be fun all the time and I sure as heck ain’t gonna do hubby’s laundry at the same time… he’s a garbage man ('nuff said) :expressionless:

Just a note about the pasta express thing. My sister bought it and she said it took 20 min for the pasta to become soft, and when they went to eat it the pasta was really gummy. :ick:

Eggstractor: didn’t work; popped a hole in mine.

However, they tell you to ice the eggs for 10 minutes first; this is the trick that makes the differece. Fortunately, the secret only cost me $3. I do the “bring eggs to rolling boil” and let stand for 10 minutes thing, also. Works great and I don’t over cook anymore.

Pasta thing: you can achieve the same effect by pouring boiling water into a container, putting on a lid and waiting 10 minutes. I used one of the “Smart Spin” containers to test it. I didn’t use the plastic lid - too dangerous. Put a ceramic plate over the top instead.

It’s no surpsise that the pasta ends up gummy - The starches in most pastas make them like to stick. That’s why it’s generally a good idea to stir your pasta, or at least have it at a fast boil (stirs itself) and to always break up pasta clumps.

Fortunately, the starches that make it stick also helps the sauce stick. Mm, TGFP - Thank Goodness For Pasta

[color=indigo]I use the “dead” tennis balls you can buy in the doggie area at the dollar stores. They work wonderfully to full knitted stuff![/color]

I felted a pair of boot slippers this morning using two old bath towels and they worked very well. I used Patons Merino 100% wool in the Evergreen Mix and the slippers felted beautifully. I took them to my daughter’s while they were still damp, but I had guessed her foot size very well.

Tried to take a picture but had a problem with my camera…sorry!


Mmmmm…!!! :drool: That just sounds TOO DELICIOUS!!! We make “real” hot cocoa at my house too…nothing beats it. And when it’s really cold, a pinch of cayenne pepper in the cocoa does a great job to warm you up!

Mmmmm…!!! :drool: That just sounds TOO DELICIOUS!!! We make “real” hot cocoa at my house too…nothing beats it. And when it’s really cold, a pinch of cayenne pepper in the cocoa does a great job to warm you up![/quote]

I’m glad I’m not the only person who puts cayenne in my hot chocolate! Apparently, that’s how the Aztecs used to make hot chocolate. I also like a bit of cinnamon in with the cayenne, or for a fancy cuppa, add a drop or two of orange oil. Yum…

Getting back on topic (sort of) - any time gadgets are to fix a problem you didn’t know you had, be VERY suspicious.