Gabba Gabba Wow

Hey all ! Well Rida has been bugging me all week to make her a new outfit, so we could do another photo shoot for you guys. After a couple days of hearing her moan I decided to try and make her a nice updated clubbing outfit. I turned her haulter into a mini skirt (shhhhh i just pushed it down to her hips lol) and then tried my best at a tank top. Gee Wiz are those things hard to make on such small needles. And a pattern lol !!! No sir re bob!!! LOL had to make up my own. Then I made her a nice cardigan which I borrowed from a Barbie design, but just used bigger needles.

Hope you enjoy !

No Rida ! The clubs are closed tonight… We’ll go out tomorrow! LOL

So cute!! I love that doll, and her clothes! Great job!! :thumbsup:

what kind of doll is that?

Rida is a Pullip. To me they seem like Bratz. My step-mom got her off e-bay from a guy in Korea. Just go to E-bay and type in Pullip. There are many to choose from. Another cool site with pullips is

I think e-bay is the best place to buy them from though. Hope you get one! :happydance:

:smiley: rida does look quite the sophisticate :sunglasses:

I think Rida is better dressed than I am!

Love the poses!

I happen to know that Rida has a much more exciting life than I do…
and since I am still wearing my Ali babba tent clothes (maternity); she def. dresses better than me too…
[size=2][/size]So depressing…[size=2][/size]
Thank God my due date is tomorrow!!![size=3][/size]

Rida is a hip chick. I still see her every day on my computer desktop. I saved the earlier “talk to the hand” pose that I received by request! :smiley:

Dear I hope your Due date is more User friendly than mine was (all 3 times)
the BEST I did was 5 days late

and that one was the Runt of the litter at 8# 13oz

Best of Luck, and reasonable Comfort throughout

Be Blessed