Gaah Sylvi!

I have made a New Year’s resolution to bring out some of my old WIPs and finish them. One is Sylvi, the knitted coat. I think I started it in Fall 08 and put it away sometime in early 09. I was thinking about frogging it for a while because I wanted to make some modifications that were beyond my abilities.

I’d knitted all but the hood and blocked everything. Yesterday I seamed it up (with some difficulty - I feel like a beginner again) and it looks nice. I vowed to just do the hood per pattern instead of trying to make a collar instead and to forget about the lining and pockets I wanted to do, which were frustrating me.

Today I have spent a few hours (omigosh this is embarrassing) knitting and ripping the few first rows of the hood over and over. First I had an extra stitch. Then my pattern wasn’t lining up.

[B]You guys, I realized I forgot how to read a chart! [/B] :rofl:

I was reading each line right to left, but since in this chart all rows are listed, you’re supposed to go right to left, then left to right, etc. At least I hope that is it because otherwise I am really confused. I guess this is my question, is that right for a cabling chart? [B]If the wrong side rows are listed then you read those from left to right?[/B]

I also spent a while trying to find my needles (I put my size 11s in a special place for safekeeping, duh!) and to decipher all the notes I wrote on the pattern. Did [I]I[/I] write those notes? :teehee: It seems like 100 years ago.

But the hood is on the needles and after that I only have to sew on the flower petals and bobbles and I think I will have an FO over 3 years in the making. !!!

If the piece is knit flat, yes you read RS rows on a chart from R to L and WS rows from L to R. If it’s in the round you read all rows R to L.

It’s flat… Thanks Suzee, I can’t believe I forgot that but now it makes sense. :slight_smile: