GAAAAAAA (Great American Afghan thingy)

Silver made one (Which by the way was just gorgeous) and I been looking for it on the web. The ony place to get it seems to be on the interwave knits site for about $12. I would love to make this but I would hate to do it alone. I suggested this as an idea for a class at a LYS but I was told that it would take forever and no one would be up to that level of difficulty, yada yada yada. I think it would be a great chance for knitters to bond (and not just over knitting ya know) It would be a way of developing skills, as a great challenge to take knitting to the next level and by having others there in a grop, a supportive atmosphere, it would be, I don’t know I think it would be great. What do y’all think of “community knitting?” Does it help folks bond? Does it make stronger knitters? Or is ti just silly? Too much work? discuss…

I think that it would be a great project for a group of dedicated knitters who get together for the main purpose of knitting and improving their skills. I think that brand new knitters, while they could learn a lot, may not be ready or may want to be able to try out a variety of patterns and materials rather than work on one project.

Another idea would be to get a group of knitters to make a square each and auction it off for a charity.

:thinking: Let me see if I understand this right: A group of knitters get together. Each knitter picks a square to knit. They all knit their square. And then piece them together? :??

Well - if that’s the general idea, then I think it’s fabulous!!! :happydance:

My thoughts on this afghan… It was the single best project I’ve ever done. First, just for the accomplishment of it. And secondly, because of what it taught me. I’m a pro at cables now. This afghan has more cables than a suspension bridge! And not just your average 3/3 cables. I knit 1/1 cables, 6/6 cables, cables that included seed stitch, reversable cables, and cables using 3 cable needles. But beyond the cables, it taught me many other techniques, some of them are very impressive, and you can’t appreciate them until you’ve done them. Also, it really helped me refine my seaming skills.

It’s a long project, yes, but the benefits are amazing. I think it would be a GREAT project for a group. But finding enough knitters who are prepared to devote 6 months to a year to this one project, might be hard to find.

However, if you just want to get in on a group and knit it, check out the Great American Aran Afghan Along(GAAAA!). They’re great people over there! :slight_smile:

:thinking: Well - I once tried a sampler from this book. But it quickly met the project graveyard b/c the seaming was such a PITA!!! Actually knitting each square and experiencing each different pattern was way fun!!! However, I’m am notoriously BAD at math, so seaming a 12"x12" 46-stitch square to a 12"x12" 58-stitch square was more than my patience could handle. :oops:

Is the G.A.A. similarly challenging? I imagine so…

I started the GAAA project and have one and a half squares completed. It was very satisfying to finish a “mini-project”. I did take Silver’s advise and joined the online knit along. There haven’t been a ton of updates lately but it is motivating to see everyon’s progress and to have people you can ask questions since they’re working on the same thing. Plus, no scheduled meetings to attend.

This baby is probably going to take me 2 years to complete if I average a square a month. I’m not using it as my main focus since I have other stuff I’d like to get done for Christmas. It is challenging and I would suggest working on it when you can have the time to focus and the silence to count your stitches as you go. I tried working on it during my daily train ride to/from work but I ended up frogging the rows I did from mistakes. If you can do a basic cable then you’ll be fine. I haven’t even thought about seaming everything together yet but hopefully I’ll be a better knitter by then!

Here’s my progress (not very much but it’s still pretty):


OMG, it is so cool to see someone else doing these afghans too!

I have 4 squares finished and am working on the same one that suzi has posted.

Silver, yours is beautiful and congrats on the ribbons/awards. I have been knitting since Feb and I am learning so much from doing this project. BUT I couldn’t do it without the help from my teacher. :cheering:

There are several of us from my LYS that are doing it. We are combining squares from the GAA and the GAAA. I’m telling you some of these squares are amazing. :?? :shock: We started in June and plan on doing 2 squares/month. I am 2 squares behind already.

My 10DD :XX: wanted to make one but she had so many other projects that she wanted to do so she decided it would be better to make a pillow with the Sweater and Church squares.

I’ll have to check out the knit along group.

Um… I didn’t enter mine in a competition. You must be looking at Amy’s (Amy on the GAAAA website, not our Amy here). My afghan is here. :wink:

Hey Silver, it looks like all your squares have a seed border. :thinking: I’m thinking that is my patterns are missing; I don’t recall mine having a border. Did having the same border on all your squares make the seaming at least a little easier?? :?? I’m thinking I may give my sampler another shot and add a seed (moss, double moss, whichever) border. Hmm…I must have a look see tonight…

Silver, I just checked out the knitalong.

I really enjoyed looking at your squares and your COMPLETED afghan. While working on some of these squares, I’m wondering if anyone has actually completed them. I’m glad to see how nice it turned out–you must feel proud. :cheering: Now I know who to ask when I’m struggling. :??