FYI: Yarn Swift

[B]FYI: [/B]

Knit Picks is offering their yarn swifts on sale 40% off!

I don’t think we’ll ever see a better price than this!

If you’ve ever wanted to[COLOR=Blue][B]treat yourself[/B] [/COLOR]with a swift, now’s the time to take the plunge! :thumbsup:

I’m diving in! My birthday is right around the corner so I’m anticipating some extra cash!

Someone mentioned KP’s excellent customer service the other day. I was leaning towards buying a swift from them because of that alone, but add on the super price and I’m all for it! (I’m scared of buying something that expensive and having it break and being up a creek. No worries with Knitpicks!)

That’s EXACTLY why I went with them for my swift and winder! :slight_smile:

There isn’t one “accessory” in my knitting arsenal that is more useful than my swift and ball winder!

They were the best thing I ever gifted to myself! :wink:
Next[/B] most useful: professional blocking boards, and blocking wires!
I put them in “2nd most useful” cuz you[B] can make your own [/B]blocking surfaces with other materials, which I did for years. Always had to ‘re-make’ them cuz they never held up well.

[B]Third [/B]most useful: the OTT lite! You can knit til the wee hours with the OTT lite over your work!

I have put a yarn swift on my list of things I’d like for Mothers Day and my birthday. I’m betting I get the no-stick griddle before I get the yarn swift. :rofl:

LOL clearly… because that means more food for everyone else :wink: