FYI: Noro "Cash Iroha" 46% off

Well, ok…I’ll own it. I’m a Noro enabler. It’s an expensive yarn, and when it comes up [B]on sale[/B] at half price, or 46% off…I think y’all might want to know about it! Click herefor the sale at Webs.

Noro Cash Iroha is 40% Silk, 30% Wool, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon…and DELICIOUS.

I bough #22 Garnetto knit Lavinia, by Elsebeth Lavold.

Originally knit in Elsebeth’s “Silky Cashmere”…it required about 24 hanks (44yds each)…and would cost about $300. Yikes. Anyway, I think Silky Cashmere is discontinued by KFI, although you can scrape some up at different online locations. The yardage and price per hank is prohibitive for sweater quantities for most people IMO.

I think Noro Cash Iroha is a perfect match for Lavinia cardigan!
I love the pretty floral border on the fronts, don’t you?

Thanks for posting! That just looks yummy, both to work with and to wear. I ordered enough in the Regal Blue to make a sweater.:woohoo: No idea yet what pattern I will use. The one you picked will look fabulous but is way beyond me I’m afraid.

Great! I have some lt purple Cash Iroha in my stash, haven’t used it yet…
and I can tell you sincerely, [I]it looks and feels wonderful! You’ll be so happy with yours!
I’m anxious to get my new “garnet” red Cash Iroha! I couldn’t pass up the bargain for a quality yarn!