FYI - New Year's Eve Chat Knit-Along

Hi all!

In case some of you don’t visit the Knit-Alongs Forum…thought I would post this…

We’re having our 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Chat Knit-Along.


Last year was a BLAST! Some people stopped by for a few minutes to say hello. Others stayed and knit while they chatted.

Be there or be square!

I’d love to visit. But the last few months, every time I check out the chat room, I’ve been the only one.

Not a soul on it. Nadda. So I’ve given up. Even just now, at 7:55 pm on Monday, no one there.

Why bother? If y’all will truly be there… I’d like to visit.


I think we go through spells where the chatroom is really busy and then not so. My evenings have been busy with soccer games.

BUT, I will be there on New Year’s Eve, and so will Shandeh.

I may drop in for a few moments to cheer you all along. I’ve got a friend from out of town coming in for the party at our favorite bar/club, so we’re definitely going there. Can’t let our tickets go to waste. ;D

I will definitely be there on New Year’s Eve. It’s the only time of the year I use the chat room. I’m just not a chatter usually. But, I make an exception for our annual knit-along. I’ll sign on at 11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, and will sign off at 3:30 AM so I can help ring in the new year all over the US.

I hope you’ll come to knit and chat with us! :slight_smile:

Have fun, and hopefully we’ll see you in the chatroom! :thumbsup:

I copied this thread to the General Knitting site so people who don’t ordinarily go to the Off Topic part of the forum would know about the planned chat. That’s why its locked. If you would like to post to the thread its in the Off Topic forum.