FYI - New Year's Eve Chat Knit-Along

Hi all!

In case some of you don’t visit the Knit-Alongs Forum…thought I would post this…

We’re having our 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Chat Knit-Along.


Last year was a BLAST! Some people stopped by for a few minutes to say hello. Others stayed and knit while they chatted.

Be there or be square!

What happens if I want to chat and crochet?:teehee:




LOL. Will have to remember that as I’m SURE we’re not going anywhere :slight_smile:


Everyone keeps popping in and then out again instantly! I am listed as in there but sort of drifting around so if anyone wants to say hi then have patience! :teehee:

I may stop by after husband and daughter go to bed. I’m the only one in this house that stays up past 10:00. :mrgreen: