FYI: Maggie Sefton writes knitting novels

Iwas in Barnes and Nobles about 3 weeks ago and i was looking around my usual section full of knititng books. I stumbled upon this knititng author who writes murder mysteries.~ it’s an interesting read~~ and OF COURSE she talks(and teaches) the reader alot about natural yarns, spinning, dying and etc.


thats cool…I’ll have to check those out!!

I can’t wait until the next Debbie Macomber noved comes out–it comes out next month I think!

I actually met her when I was in Denver… and went to Lambspun of Colorado that the books are based on :slight_smile: It was my first experience with a real LYS and it was incredible! She’s really great to talk to… I had lots of fun.

I have read all of Maggie Sefton’s and Mary Kruger’s knitting myster books. Kruger’s book is call Died in the Wool. Maggie Sefton’s books are A Deadly Yarn (this is her latest), Needled to Death, and Knit One Kill Two (I think this was the first one). I love them all and highly recommend them.


PS What’s this about a new Debbie Macomber? I didn’t know that. I love those books too.

I’ve read them all! A few more knitty mysteries I’ve read:

Debbie Macomber
The Shop on Blossom Street
A Good Yarn

Mary Kruger
Died in the Wool

Claire LeZebnik
Knitting Under the Influence

And I haven’t read these yet, but they are on my wishlist.

Anne Bartlett - Knitting: A Novel
Kate Jacobs - The Friday Night Knitting Club
Ann Hood - The Knitting Circle

I’ve heard of her but never read her. One of my fellow bloggers says that between her book that she is currently reading and my blogs about my own experience learning to knit that she is now wanting to learn.

I’ve read the Maggie Sefton books, and I’m so excited to learn of another coming out. I’ll be looking for it. Jan in Ca, thanks for the list of other knitting novels. I’ll have to check them out.

I’ve just checked out Debbie Macomber’s site and it says there is a book call “Back on Blossom Street” that won’t be coming out until May. Sigh, I think that’s the book but I want it sooo badly. Well won’t this be a great summer (Harry Potter book and movie; Debbie Macomber book; Pirates of the Caribbean).