FYI: I passed the NH bar exam


There you go, girl :cheering:!

No, but I’ll join it this morning. I missed it when I joined Ravelry. So far I haven’t had time to post anythiing on Ravelry, but hope to do that this weekend. Thanks for the info.


You go girl!


Way to go oh swap buddy of mine!

Congratulations! :woot::woot::woot::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

Congrats! :cheering:

Yes, welcome to the world of knitting lawyers!:grphug:
All of the lawyers in my firm knit (of course I’m a solo practitioner):roll:

Hah Jeremy, it is awesome to see men lawyers who knit. MY fiance is also one of those and I know you two are a rare and special breed.

What type of law do you practice?

Jeremy, I certainly didn’t mean to sound chauvinistic; I just didn’t realize you were a lawyer, and was unaware of any of our male knitters who were. I love it! Obviously, since I’ve been in practice since women lawyers were scarce, at least in Virginia, I have no pre-conceived ideas about who should do what-professionally or hobby-wise. Hope no one took offense!

Of course not. That didn’t even occur to me.:hug:

Congratulations!! :woot:

I’m a little slow here but CONGRATS!!! :cheering::happydance:

Way to go!

becca, congrats to you. i had no doubt you would pass, but i know the feeling as i waited to find out if i passed nursing boards. i was SURE i had failed. really and truly. but i passed, taking the MINIMUM amount of questions. that means you either rocked the house, or you sucked eggs. :wink:

Wow, congrats to you dakatzmeow! That is truly an accomplishment. There is no way that I could pass those.

Thank you as well!

Okay, so I’m late on this, but CONGRATULATIONS! That is a wonderful accomplishment! :woohoo:

:cheering::cheering: Great news! Congratulations!