FYI....I am over it!

Just wanted to announce to my wonderful knitting family that from this night forward I am letting go of all of my insecurites/past baggage as it just causes drama and uneeded upsetment or stress in my life which I can so live without! Some of you already know that Approx. 8 months ago I had a bad falling out with a friend since 5th grade(I am a senior in college and am 25 years old)…one whom I truly thought was my best friend and would be there for me through thick and thin and vice versa. We were like frick and frack. Truth be told I loved her like a sister and this whole ordeal has upset me greatly.

I cried alot and didn’t really understand why we weren’t talking in the first place but like a child she refused to communicate with me when I tried multiple times to talk to her and work things out like any mature adult would do…so honestly if that is the case then our friendship must have been one sided from the get go and it must not have meant as much to her anyhow so I am done trying. I mean truthfully I am a lover not a fighter…I never have been and I never will be. I am a very loyal person to those who deserve it and well, obviously sometimes to those who do not!

Proof of this fact is sustaining a healthy, loving relationship with my long term boyfriend(9 years) now fiance/soon to be husband a loving friendship with my mother, grandmother, cousins, my friends and my uncanny ability to make new friends almost instantly:) There are some people in this world that live off of drama and it is the only thing that they cling to in order to make their lives interesting and I am not one of them! Unlike them I do not like to devise schemes that hurt people. I do not like to hurt anyone at all (let alone deliberately hurting them mentally), I do not like to hold grudges, I do not blame my issues or problems on others, and I do not mimic other people lives in search of my own… I think it is unhealthy,childish, and just plain mean…with that being said I am letting go of the anger, upsetment,bitterness,drama, and resentment, related to this friendship and so I have decided the best course of action would be to close that whole chapter in my life altogether.

I have decided to hold my head up high & move onward as I have alot of love & happiness surrounding my life… and that is def. worth living for;) I will be me again the happy-go-lucky, carefree person I once was …the one that laughs at random moments, has silly outbursts of energy, and dances like no ones watching…The one that enjoys all the random moments that life has to offer:)

Thanks everyone for listening to me vent…now that I got that off of my chest I feel exhilirated…much like my old self again!
:muah: :hug: :muah: :hug: :muah: :hug:

:hug: Good for you! No sense in hanging on to something that makes ya miserable.

You experienced a major life lesson…and better yet…took away a positive massage.

At 25! GOOD on you!:cheering:

Congratulations on your revelation! Your former friend is the one to suffer the loss. She’s missing out on wonderful you. :hug:

:thumbsup: Good for you!

Thank you for all of your kind words…I know that many of you know me pretty well and know the situation (like Auburnchick/Natalie for one) as there is much more to it …but this is a pretty good summary and will have to do as I seem to have misplaced, more like burned that chapter in my book:teehee: Thank you for all of your continued love and support. I love ravelry but there is nothing like knittinghelp…I :heart: my family here and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Thank you guys for being you:muah: :hug: :thumbsup: :wink: :grphug:

Ps. Sorry I haven’t been talking much lately on the forum…I did not forget about all of you but I have been really busy rebuilding my house, as many of you know a fire destroyed it and well unfortunately we were underinsured as my mom was a single mother who one was not aware she was underinsured and two probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it anyhow…so thats another hard lesson I have learned this past year…wow I guess I have been through alot and all at one time too…oh well ya gotta have faith and it will work out right?!:wink:
<3 Aimee

This site really IS like a family, isnt’ it?

Here’s to all of us! :grphug:

Oh man…I cannot believe you were still fighting that battle!!

I am so glad you are done with it. You are an amazing gal, and you know I adore you.


Now, when exactly are you getting married, and how much longer until you graduate??!!

AWWWW Nat thanks I <3 you too!! Well let’s just say my fiance and I decided to postpone our wedding for a year so we can save for the wedding of our dreams. We will be married in the summer of 2011 and instead to hold us over we bought a toyota prius(saving the environment and money) :slight_smile: As for graduating I am set to graduate in May. I have a fall semester of classes and student teaching in the spring…then WHOHOO graduation and around that same time my fiance will graduate from electrician school and I am so so excited about the whole ordeal!


Yay for graduating! You won’t even feel like you’re in school after Christmas!! Woo Hoo!!!

Congratulations on everything!!