fuzzy yarn and seaming on selvedge edges


I’m working on my first sweater and did the garter selvedge edge ( knit first and last every row) but then I made some mistakes: increasing between the first and second knit stitches, plus the yarn is fuzzy, I noticed that it’s hard to find the ‘bars’. Would this be big a big problem when I seam where I probably won’t be able to always find the corresponding bars? I also found that the right edge of knit side is tighter than the left edge, because the yarn is bit fuzzy, I don’t know if blocking can help even it out? Really appreciate your help!


Blocking may well help but if it’s still difficult to find the bars for mattress stitch you can always usual a conventional back stitch seam.
You don’t have to be so precise in aligning rows or spacing sts as the video indicates.

The fuzziness of the yarn is also going to hide a bit of unevenness too.


Thank you!


It helps to divide it out, like in fourths, and pin it. You can do a little gathering here and there to make it fit as you sew.


That’s good to know. It’s my first sweater and not done any seaming before, so, I’m quite nervous and don’t want to knit all pieces only to find out the seams turn out all wonky. Thanks for the tip!