Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bubby!

i saw this one going through knitty searching for a project, and i just HAVE to knit him up! i have plenty of scrap yarn to use, he’s just the cutest thing ever, and i thought he’d be a great snuggly present for Owen’s easter basket.

anyone care to join me?

That is soooo cute!!!

I would like to make a few for kids in the family, and maybe myself. :teehee: Right now I have too many WIPs, so I’ll have to wait until I get some of them done. :oops:

Thanks for sharing!!

so far so good!
i made it bigger by adding some stitches, used bigger needles, and doubled up worsted weight yarn. i have to say, this is the CUTEST thing i’ve ever knit. :heart: :heart:
honestly, i’ll be more impressed with myself after finishing this one then any sweater or blanket i’ve ever made before! :smiley:

i’m planning on stitching a little heart on his chest and knitting him a little sweater, too. :hug:
i hope owen likes him!

I have the pattern printed out. Someday I’m gonna make this adorable little fella.

Got other things that need to get done first though.

all done! and here he is!