Fuzzy Flip Flops

I’m not sure if someone else has posted this or not, but here’s a pattern I found online for Fuzzy Flip Flops. I saw a cute pair made from this pattern somewhere else with black flip flops and the knitted part was hot pink. Veerrrrry Cute!

Here’s the pattern:

If anyone reads this, can you explain this part to me:


  1. Fold a strip in half like a lengthwise tube over one of the toe pieces of the flip flop and stitch the tube closed…

I’m confused about the tube part!

Foldedbird, what a fun pattern! I think I’ll add that to my pattern pages!

The instructions are just to take one of the 4 rectangles you’ve made, and fold it in half, so it’s wrapped around one side of the plastic part of the flip flop that goes over your foot. Then you just sew it closed, so it’s attached and is completely covering and around that plastic part. You do the same with another rectangle, to cover the other side. Then repeat for the other flip flop.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the pattern link!

Oohhhhh! That makes a lot more sense! Thanks so much Amy!

You’re welcome for the link :slight_smile: