Fusible interfacing on knits?

I was thumbing through a book about purses that suggested using an iron-on interfacing to line the knit purse so that it doesn’t stretch out. That just doesn’t sound right to me. Has anyone done this or heard about it and can offer some feedback?

It does work well for a knitted purse that you want to remain “in shape”. You cut the interfacing to match the knitted purse and cut it to match your lining. You wouldn’t need it for felted or fulled purses, as the fabric becomes stiff and maintains its shape. I do prefer using the woven iron on interfacing so that I can use it bias when needed. I have a book on pursemaking that shows it in detail.

Thanks for the reply. So do you iron the interfacing to the lining or the knit purse?

You will iron the interfacing to either. On a loose knit, I iron it to both. Do pay attention to the fiber content on both the lining or the knit, set your iron accordingly. It’s kinda tricky on a formed, knit bag but it doesn’t have to be perfect. The lining is great for hiding any creases or errors.