[B]Cottontots yarn (100% cotton) 171 yards each ball - list price is $3.99 a ball[/B]


Pretty in Pink - 3 balls [U]$8[/U]

Sugar and cream Lily Elite cotton 184 yards a ball - List price is $2.50 a ball
here a link to see the colour

Rose not shown on link (soft pink) - 4 balls[B] $9[/B] (shipping included + delivery confirmation)
aqua (shown on link above) - 5 balls - [B]$11[/B] (shipping included + delivery confirmation)

4 balls for $20 [U][B]$15[/B][/U]

Sirdar Snuggly Domino baby Dk 82% Acrylic and 18% nylon - 137 yards 50g ball …very soft touch… - List price is $7 a ball

below is the color that i am selling
16 balls - $35 [B]U[/B] (greatest deal !)

I am doing my best to keep buying price low for you, Buyer pay $2 for the shipping fees and delivery confirmation … any suggestions on the price are most welcome …thanks for checking!