Furry baby blanket and other projects

This is a blanket I knit for the baby. I used Bernat Baby Lash (one of my favorite fur yarns) and it knit up pretty quick. Here it is wrapped over baby when we came home from the hospital:

Here is a hat and poncho set that I knit for my dd’s friend for her birthday. It looks real cute but I was in the hospital before the party and didn’t get a chance to take a pic. Dh put the hat and poncho on dd, but when it’s on straight, it’s lovely:

Here is a sundress I made. One of my best friends wrote this pattern, only the dresses she makes has intarsia. I’m not ready to do major intarsia, so I just did a prototype of a plain dress in plain acrylic yarn. This is my 5yr old modeling the dress:

My first dabble in intarsia. I made this little rosary pouch. I’ve made sever with buttons, flaps and such…different types. It was a pattern that I made up myself:

I was totally into knitting ponchos. Here is one knit out of bernat baby lash yarn:

My big projects last year around Christmas, everyone wanted them!

My first project on dpns:

Everything looks wonderful! :heart:

You have a pink pattern going here! lol The stuff looks great and I made a diagonal baby blanket with baby lash as the very first blanket I ever made and it turned out so soft and lush I made another one for my husband’s friend whose wife was expecting. I love the baby lash for making soft projects, but it can be difficult if the pattern is involved because it is hard to see mistakes, etc. Lovely job on everything!

Very cute projects! Love the baby blanket.

Nice work! :cheering:

Yes the babylash is an awesome yarn for just plain ole garter stitch. The blanket and ponchos I make in it are just divine!

Pink is my favorite color LOL