Fur Out Substitution?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone knows what kind of yarn will look just like Bernat’s Fur Out yarn when knit up? I just got creative knitting magazine and see two great scarves that I want to knit but the only problem is they published the mag after fur out was being recalled and didn’t place a subsitute.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

From what I can see, Fur Out is pretty standard eyelash yarn. It doesn’t appear to have anything unusual about it. Do you have a picture of the scarves you like? It’d be helpful to actually see the look you are going for.

This site:
Has a bunch of scarf patterns. If one has a similar texture, you’ll be able to determine the yarn used right there. Borroco also has a lot of funky yarns and scarf patterns.

actually they are from creative knitting mag which can be found here:


I believe they have som java thing on the front page which shows a preview of most of the stuff inside the current issue. The two scarves with furry yarn are the ones I was interested in :smiley:

I had never taken a close look at the fur out yarn and now i cant with the supply being recalled. It looks like it knits up thicker than lion brand’s fun fur, but I don’t know.

I may not be knitting these babies until like October or September because I live in Texas, but I wanted to post a note in the mag for when the time comes.

Thanks :smiley: