Fur Crochet

I would like to ask about crocheting fur yarn…how to do it? is there any tricks?..I’ve tried to do it but it doesn’t work at all…not even with a plain fillet project…
I’d like to try make an amigurumi with it…

thank you (^.^)

if you are referring to Lion Brand Fun Fur or an eye lash type yarn they can be crocheted but work best when carried along with another yarn and not as fillet crochet. I knit with the fur yarn and use it as a trim carrying it along with my main yarn.

I would have to agree with KnittinMitchie. Fun Fur or any type of furry yarn would not be a good choice for filet work. That is usually done with very fine cotton thread.

I have found the trick with the fuzzy yarn, besides using it together with another yarn like KnittinMitchie suggested, is to use extra large needles or hooks so that the holes you stitch into on subsequent rows are very obvious.

Good luck!


Crochetting with just Fur yarn can be VERY frustrating! I’ve been crocheting for 15 years and the first time I did it a few years ago - I threw the project in the trash! I found it to be nearly impossible to pull out the stitches with that yarn.

I recently picked it back up to make some Fur Mouses for my new kittens - They love them!!! I even made one for my 4 yo son, he loves it too (we have to hide it from the kittens).

I found that I had to concentrate on the stitches very closely. It’s very easy to lose the stitches using Fur yarn alone.

My recommendation is that if it’s too agrivating to start with - try working on something else for a few weeks and come back to it. Focus very closely on the stitches and see if you can make it work!


Personally, I can’t work with the stuff. It’s like Autumn said, very frustrating!

That’s why I can’t use it on regular crochet. I have to do crochet on the double or knitting.

Another way would be to go into the spaces instead of the loops.
But since I don’t like holes I don’t like either of those solutions.

My sister is able to feel it, but she’s been crocheting forever and doesn’t have to look.

Here is a crochet stitch you might like then. It’s the woven stitch where you crochet into the holes left by the chain stitch between the single crochet stitches, but it doesn’t actually leave holes in the work. It’s one of my favorites.


I bought Fun Fur (which should be renamed Frustrating Fur) to make amigurumi with too, and the key is patience…and maybe lots of yarn to waste as if you make a mistake there is a huge possibility that the yarn is going to be tangled beyond remedy…

I crochet really tight, especially with amigurumi as I don’t want their stuffing to pop out, and I have to use a K hook. Even then, it’s not much fun. If you want the gurumis to appear stitchless (like I do) I use TLC amore or plush or Bernat Soft Boucle. They both look super cute for animals! I made a little bat with the boucle and a little bear and a pear with the plush.