is hilarious

I highly recommending checking out the videos of Will Ferrell and his daughter on there.


They’re so cute! Pearl rocks :slight_smile:

Those are great! I loved the landlord one. Did you see those out takes? It must’ve taken them forever to film those.:roflhard:

Ok… I gotta admit…I winced at little Pearl needing to repeat bitch and asshole. Does she know that is just a script at that age? If it hadn’t been for that element it would have been ultra cute for me but that…sorry, I’ve obviously one of the conservatives on that kind of thing. hides head

I’m sorry to be all knit-picky…but Will Ferrell dosent have any daughters. He has 2 sons. Pearl is actually Jeremy Piven’s niece, Her dad has co written a lot of things with Will Ferrell.

She isn’t actually saying bitch - she’s saying brick - they just subtitled it with bitch. I was concerned about that too, but they’d played on kid talk being somewhat unintelligible anyway lol

Hmm… I saw the subtitles but I heard him clearly say bitch to her…like…don’t call me a bitch…and I clearly heard Pearl say asshole. I dunno… sigh

I thought she was his daughter, hmm, well, it’s funny either way to me.

Susan P., don’t hide your head, you are entitled to think that and share your viewpoint. It’s funny to me, but not to everyone. I think it is very clear if you watch the outtakes that she has no idea what she is saying and is just repeating what they say to her. That being said, if you watch the outtakes, it is clear (at least to me) that she is saying bitch and asshole.

I assumed she was his daughter because of the outtakes as well, and the mommy interaction.

I can just imagine though the first time a daughter of Will Ferrell brings home a boy. He’d either be really cool or the guy wouldn’t know what to think because Will Ferrell would play it totally straight and serious.

I do love Jeremy Piven, from Entourage and other shows. I think Pearl is adorable as well, and this video was an extremely needed break from the tedium of studying criminal procedure law.