Funny things

I didn’t want to hunt past the first page and bump a potentially old post, but I thought I’d share something I found funny today.
As many could see I’ve had a few issues over the past few days with some projects that I’ve asked for help with. I’ve also had to rip back, or completely, a few times insert sarcasm and in lieu of tossing my yarn and needles across the room, I decided to get back to basics. Crocheting mindlessly, since I started off with crocheting first. I got 170 chains done, planning on doing a simple throw/blanket, debating on putting a rose like motif in the middle. Of course, having a little one he’s 8 now means I get interrupted a lot, and I had only finished my first row of sc when I got the joint, “Hunny/Mommy, what’s for supper?” from my guys. :headdesk:
Okay, we have supper, spent our family time, then it was shower time for Charlie, and oh, look I have a long pink “snake” on my bed a.k.a. my sc chain So I grab it get comfy again, only, when I picked up my work, I let the hook slide, almost slow motion like out of the loop. I apparently picked it up, upside down, so that the “hook” was pointed down.
No catastrophe, nothing unravled, but I just found it funny that out of all that frustrated me today, I could do nothing to stop a seemingly slow moving hook from sliding out. :teehee:

Made me giggle.

I have an 8 year old boy; normally hyper and loud. Last night he had a play with his grade, called “Elfis and The Sleigh Riders.” It was cute, the costumes and the songs, but what I found funny was my son, who for the past few weeks has been singing the songs and practicing, seemed to be barely moving his mouth. giggle Case of stage fright, just being shy, or just forgetting the words, I’m not sure, but as soon as we got done and back in the car, his jabbering and excited talking was back to normal.
Goofy kid.

You can depend on the unpredictability of kids. I love it!