Funny Story

I opened the hank of Mmmmmalbrigo so that I could add it to Clap in Pink and put the waste yarn that was holding the skein together on the floor next to me. Once finished winding the yarn into a ball I turned to get the waste yarn and noticed that it was gone. I went looking for it only to find Gypsy doing this…

No that is not cat puke coming out of her mouth that is the waste yarn that I couldn’t find. Gypsy has only attacked my knitting once before recently before that she couldn’t have cared less. By the time that i found her she had already felted the malabrigo waste yarn together. Needless to say I have to hide Clap in Pink when not being knitted. She is starting to show interest in it.


:teehee: Just be careful she doesn’t swallow any yarn. I had to pull a 6 in piece of my kittens throat twice! Gah! :doh:

I know I have heard horror stories before ugh. But I had to take the picture just because she was really loving up that yarn. :teehee:

Omg, you’ll have to watch her like a hawk! I wont go into the gory details, but my college roommate had a cat and I came home to find it half dead. Turned out it had swallowed a piece of sewing thread. It survived, but jeez, the poor thing suffered. :pout:

I was just having a snack…I think I’m done now. :ick:

She does look as though she’s thoroughly enjoying herself. Malabrigo–heroin for cats? :teehee:

Maybe you should teach her to knit :wink:

That’s the reason it’s so popular - it’s spiked with Valium (for people) and catnip (for the kitties). Double whammy.