Funny Story for Sock Knitters

Overheard at my LYS today: One of the ladies said her non-knitter friend said she needed to learn how to knit so she wouldn’t have to pay $7 for a pair of socks anymore.

Everyone got a great big laugh out of that one!

She would not be paying $7 for a pair of socks, it you add time and material maybe $70 a pair would be more like it.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Not to mention all the yarn and supplies she’ll need to create all those beginner things before she even has enough guts to try socks :rofl: By then she might be thoroughly hooked and it won’t matter though.

You’ve got that right!

:chair: Oh that is too funny. I’d love to see her face when she realizes just how much hand knit socks or anything really costs!

:teehee: Someone asked me if I also spun my own yarn. I answered that if I did spin, the $50 sweater that I now make for $100 would go up to $200. :shifty:

OH, that’s a good one! What’s she gonna make them out of?

The very first thing I learned to knit was socks. The girl that taught me was 10 years younger than I and she was horrified that I didn’t know how to knit so she started me on something ‘easy’… socks!
TEMA:teehee: [/COLOR]


I thought they would be easy and planned to do them. THen I tried to follow directions! I was mostly okay until I got to the heel. I didn’t know what it meant to pick up stitches! I bought a video and that was GREAT!

I made a pair of socks for a good friend at work for Xmas last year. She really does love them and totally appreciates them. thanks me for them often. She’d like to commission me to make her another pair, but I really don’t think she quite graps just how much they really cost.

Someone ask me to knit a few pairs of socks for her G.G.M. who is in a nursing home. I told her if she would pay for the yarn, I would be glad to knit the socks. She has very big feet and also her feet swell to the point that no socks would fit her. I made her a large pair and also a huge pair for when her feet were swollen. I used nice yarn. The cost of the yarn turned out to be $48. When I called the lady to let her know the cost she was very shocked. She of corse doesn’t knit but wants to learn. I told her when her dear greatgrandmother is gone she could reuse the yarn to learn to make her own socks. I’m going to teach her to knit after the hollidays. she was ok with that I think. Not real sure after she learned the price of good yarn.

that is great
what was she thinking?

My hunting socks cost about $10.
My knitted socks cost about $4 a skein (Lion Wool) or $8-$9 a pair. But they last much longer.
I will wear a hole in the store bought ones in a month.

Mike this is your out f pocket cost. How many hours does it take you to knit your hunting socks? If they are your socks and your are doing it for the enjoyment of knitting not including the cost of your time is OK. You can put them down for a day, week, year and there is not problem. If you are doing the socks on commission some of the joy of knitting are offset by the pressures to many a “customer” happy. At $7.00 an hours how much do the hunting socks cost.

The time spent knitting/crocheting is therapy. Xanax is cheaper but knitting has less downsides.
There’s no way I could knit or crochet anything and make a profit selling it if I included my time.

Someone wanted to pay my sister to make an afghan and suggested she wanted to pay her for her time. My sister told her she couldn’t afford it.
If she tried it would end up being so low that it was an insult and she was happy just to get the yarn paid for.

What gets me is when I see a sweater, socks or an afghan for cheaper in a store than what the yarn would cost to make something similar.
The hunting socks (store bought) vs the knitted socks isn’t that bad since the yarn is cheaper than the socks although not by much.
By weight there is more to the knitted socks and they last longer, so like my sister just happy to get her yarn paid for, I’m just happy that my out of pocket expense lasts longer on my feet besides the therapy factor.