Funny Site

A friend of mine told me to visit this site because my roommate is the Queen of Passive Agressive. I got a laugh out of it so I thought I’d share.:teehee:

I loved the last one on the first page the best. (I guess there’s more, but I haven’t gotten that far yet!)


Me too. I can see some techno-moron doing something like that. :lol:


Wow, I have a few e-mails saved from an incredibly passive aggressive ex roommate which I should send in.

You should send them in Becca.:teehee:

Is it passive-aggressive to leave notes when you actually never see your roommates? :teehee:

I leave notes for my roommate sometimes, but it’s only when I haven’t seen her for days and need something done.

Like: “Get your clothes out of the washer/dryer and empty the dishwasher!”


:teehee: Better not show her the blog, then.

Actually, I was thinking she’d appreciate me more if she read what other people have to put up with. :teehee:

Well if you don’t see your roommate I don’t think a note is passive aggressive but my roommate waits until I go to bed and leaves notes on the bathroom mirror that I find in the middle of the night if I get up to use the bathroom. And she usually blames me for messes that have happened when I’ve been away for the weekend:shrug: that’s why I dub her Queen Passive Agressive. Oh well, only one more month to live with the crazy girl.