Funny ribbing(?)Sleeve trouble

I am knitting sleeves for Washington square cardigan from metropolitan knits but ribbing looks completely different from body. I have pictures on raverly of the sleeve on circulars close to the body knitted flat on circulars. I have knitted farther before but every time it looks off and it usually looks the same.

Also the ribbing is simple rib stitch
Ws: p2(k2,p2)*
RS : k2(p2,k2)*
*Repeat from star

What exactly looks funny about it? Do you have the correct number of stitches? Ribbing is always knit the knit stitches, purl the purl stitches. You are just repeating the part in parenthesis. As long as you are doing that it should be fine. If you are go a little further and see if the pattern shows better.

Looks like the difference is instructions for knitting in the round vs. flat. The cast-on number combined with working flat instructions in the round is giving you a version of moss stitch instead of ribbing. (Are there not a separate set of instructions for working it in the round?)

You’ll want to work only the part in the first set of parentheses (k2, p2) and do exactly as Jan says - knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches as you work your way around.

Thanks so much, I have started over so many times and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t ribbing properly knitting.
The pattern was simple knitted flat on circular needles and then sewing the rest of the pieces together to make the cardigan.