Funny puppy picture

Think the puppy was trying to get under the bed for a toy and couldn’t get any traction on the hardwood so she just stopped and took a nap :wink:

Ooh, the puppy was pooped.

Tough life!! :teehee:

:rofl: Too funny! I wish I had that life! :teehee:

hahahaha its a tough life when your a young pup aint it :rofl:

LOL , what a sweet pic, Reminds me of my son when he would fall alseep in all kinds of positions lol . :slight_smile:

My dog is 5 and still does this.

When we first got her (at 8 weeks old) she would go completely under the couch or under the bed to sleep. As the weeks passed she would go under there, sleep and come out bigger! Eventually, she couldn’t fit under the couch or bed anymore (it was a sad day) and now she just puts her head under. I think she finds it comforting. It’s still adorable.

Oh how cute! I :heart: puppies!

haha cute!!!

Too Cute!!
I’ve got a picture of my cat doing the same thing… Those nap time just sneak up on then I guess…

How sweet! Boots doesn’t go under furniture, he prefers to take his naps on humans!!!


a smile maker shot

I have a pic like that. It’s my cat meg. I think she was trying to get a tan but didn’t want the sun in her face.:roflhard:


You made my day!