Funny 'problem' with yarn name

I was emailing about the Risata yarn I just received (missing one skein) and when I hit send, it automatically does the spell check. Well of course the program doesn’t recognize Risata. I just laughed out loud at the suggestions I got for it…‘Satanism’. Hmmm, that’s pretty close, Right?? :roflhard:

I think your spell check is possessed. :slight_smile:

LOL :teehee:
I love Risata!

:roflhard: Never heard of Risata… off to check Rav for it…

ETA: Oooohhh a KP yarn. I think I’m almost due for another KP order… :think:

lol we are not enablers, we are mearly people who advise others of products that may be available for purchase.

I just made an order, LITERALLY last night

Life just is not fair sometime


I keep going to get it, thinking I could start with it…but I’m making myself wait. Besides, I already have something OTN, and I’m trying to NOT have several WIP if I can help it. Not easy…