Funny Mistakes

Okay, I’m STILL working on my first wearable item other than a scarf or hat. I’m knitting a small cardigan for my 15 month old granddaughter. Coming along pretty good so far (with Ingrid’s help of course). I knit the back, then knit the front side that the buttons will go on, then I’m on the side where the buttonholes are going. It took 3 days to perfect the first buttonhole but I did it! Knit some more and the 2nd buttonhole was finished. Easier! Got to the 3rd and took a nice look at my project, kind of pieced it together to the other pieces and guess what? My buttonholes are under the armpit. They are on the wrong side. I’m using a discontinued yarn, so couldn’t waste it and had to frog it. :frog:

Sigh…anyone else make big mistakes while learning to knit?

Having just learned to knit in January, I struggle with the reading of patterns, but am slowly getting better.

The sweater I am making for my great niece (which the yarn store lady (YSL) said would take only a week!!!) was going along quite nicely, however it was looking nothing like the picture…after about 4", I ripped it out, thinking I had royally screwed up. Started over, got the same amount done, looked the same, but I could not figure out why. Had to wait till the lady who taught me knitting came to work as I am intimidated by asking the YSL questions. Anyway, Char takes one look at and says, well, you do realize you are knitting from the top down, don’t you? Uh, no…I didn’t know that! How would I know that??? The pattern doesn’t say anything like that!!! Why wouldn’t it say I’m knitting from the top down if that’s what I’m doing???

It’s funny now, but I was not amused about it a few weeks back…especially when my husband said, well if you read the directions right, don’t you think it was turning out the way it should? Too bad I like my knitting needles so well, or they may have found a new home that day! :smiley:



Oh. Jackie! I’m sorry. I laughed. Just at the absurdity of it all. I’ve done so many stupid things, I wouldn’t know where to begin. The sweater I made with the Celtic knot was a comedy of errors. Got 4 inches done, frogged because I reversed the side panel. Got up to the chest and couldn’t get the stupid center pattern in the middle because I didn’t count properly and just assumed I did the pattern right–not! Tried it on when I got it off the needles and it was sausage tight. Redid it on bigger needles and then, when I was cutting the steek at 2 a.m. or so, I CUT THE SWEATER. My daughter came running when I screamed because she thought I cut myself. I wouldn’t have yelled as loud if it was just me. I managed to stitch it up, but geez!

I also remember making two right sides to a cardigan, knitting in the wrong direction when I picked my needles back up, I sometimes STILL knit with the tail on the first row, forgetting to increase on sleeves. I could go on and on. I think that the longer you knit, the more mistakes you chalk up to experience!

So see, you’re surely not alone!

:wall: What a relief to know I’m not alone, but not so relieving knowing there is so many more to come. Oh well, I’m sure the end result is worth it all. It will be a looooooooooooong time before I try those Celtic designs. (if ever)

i ALWAYS find a way to mess up once i think i got it!!! never fails with EVERY cotton pickin project! :wall: :frog:

how i learned to check gauge:

a few years ago i attempted a poncho as my first “non scarf” project. i didn’t check the gauge, just “eyeballed” it.

this thing was GINORMOUS

not knowing any baby elephants who needed a purple poncho, i ended up throwing it away

Threw it away??? Couldn’t you have frogged it? Could have been used for something…maybe a tent for a child to play with? A cover for your car during snow season? A dog blanket? There are lots of uses!

it was cheap yarn coughredheartcough

i was so mad at myself, i never wanted to see that yarn again

Sometimes throwing something away is very satisfying–you get the last “word.”

Ahhhhh…cheap Red Heart…now I understand. Red Heart is all I ever used for crocheting afgans. That’s before I learned about all the dreamy yarns.

Ok… reading your posts leads me to ask a question (I have so many). Are you saying more expensive (better quality) yarn is easier to work with?

Evelyn :?: [/quote]


no, the mistakes were ALL MINE, nothing to do with the yarn

and i didn’t mind throwing away $6 worth of yarn

had it been expensive, you better believe i would have frogged that baby


For me a better yarn was easier to knit with. I had a lot of trouble trying to knit with cheap Red Heart. It wouldn’t slide off the needles very well. Maybe it was just me and learning to knit, but as soon as I went to a blend of acrylic and wool, it was easier.

So here’s my dumb mistake. I knit a top down sweater all the way to about the pockets. The pattern calls for the bottm half to switch to a diamond pattern. The only thing is when I got to that point I had put the thing down for a few weeks. When I picked it back up I need the diamond pattern all the way to the hem. On the wrong side! :doh: I’m thinking of cutting off, turning it around and 3 needle binding off again. Anyway, felt REALLY dumb after this one. :rollseyes:

Well, I’m on my 4th knitting project and still have to begin again 5 or 6 times before I’m even starting out right.