Funny knitting video

When you have six minutes - check this out

Did anyone watch this??

I did but I don’t have sound at work (well, I DO, but…). I was going to wait and see if the comments on this thread would tell me if I missed anything not having sound, and then I was going to watch it at home tonight.

Don’t really need sound - more of a visual - you would just miss the sound of the needles.

It’s been posted before, so people who have seen it may not have commented this time around. :shrug:

Once some more time has gone by I’m sure there will be other comments though. Gotta give people a chance to look. :thumbsup:

this was so cute. thanks so much for sharing.

Oh - did not realize it had been posted before - me a relative newbie.


It’s not a problem. When it first came out it was actually posted about 5 times on the same day. :rofl:

Knitters just like to share. :teehee:

Wow, she sure knits fast :rofl:

[color=indigo]cute! like that video![/color]