Funny Knitting Situation

A few nights ago I accidentally found myself knitting in a small bar next door to the truckstop where I had parked.

I was talking with another driver who was asking about my knitting and I mentioned that one fringe benefit of KIP was that it almost always seems to attract attention from the fairer sex.

He thought I was pulling his leg about that but after about an hour three different women had come over to chat with me about my knitting.

His comment after I finished chatting with the third one? “I need to learn how to knit.” :rofl:

Ah, tales of the Accidental Knitter :guyknitting: I love reading of your experiences - you are one interesting human.


I also love to read your stories on the road. You just got another trucker on the way to knitting. :roflhard: They never believe until it happens that the ladies will ask you about your knitting. Which happens to be great.:notworthy: By the way how is the vest coming along?


:roflhard: That’s too funny!

Way to go Mason!!! You just keep recruiting new knitters.:woot::knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting::knitting:

That is funny. You had better start carrying spare yarn and needles for any of the men who would like some extra attention. You could get a party going.


So many men just don’t get it… glad to see you are spreading the word! I can see it now, Mason’s cross country knitting club- find your nearest pub and bring your needles and yarn!

:roflhard: Mason I am so glad you belong here! I am always entertained when you tell a “Tale of the Accidental Knitter”.


you are way too funny! not unlike the guys who play guitar to attract the women <grin>


Accidentally!? :roflhard:

I love it, Mason!


yep, it’ll work every time! :lol:

Cool, you are changing the face of knitting as you drive cross crounty! I can’t tell you how many times I told my dh about you, he NEEDS TO KNIT (he’s a worrier)

I said it before, I’ll say it again:

[B]Knitting[/B] (in a guy’s hands) [B]is a “chick magnet”! [/B]

If you were my man, I would [B]ban[/B] you from knitting in public! :teehee:

As it is…knit on, dear brother! :guyknitting:


I met 3 fellow knitters at a coffee shop the other day while the kids were Rowing in the harbor. The conversation came around to guy knitters, and one lady mentioned that that was a better chick magnet than a dog. I knew one of the others from my rainbow Pot Luck Dinners and said "I have a Dog AND I knit, neither one is working. we were all laughing so hard the coffee girl came over to see if we were ok.