Funny knitting questions

A few times I have seen people post that they have yarn and needles in their car, “just in case” they need them. Someone also said they packed some up in their disaster kit I think.

So here are the questions:

If you were say stranded for hours in your car in the middle of the worlds biggest traffic jam and you had your “just in case” yarn and 1 set of needles (either straight or circular), no pattern, no scissor, no tapestry needles. What would you knit?

What kind of yarn do you pick for “just in case” yarn? Something cheap and durable? Something that can be anything? Something luxurious just in case you need to make a gift for someone in the next car?

And finally what would you do if you didn’t have the “just in case” yarn? Would you go crazy or find something else to do?


Hehe, what a funny knitting question :teehee:

No, I don’t have any just in case yarn, but I carry my knitting everywhere, so I’m never caught in the worlds larges traffic jam with nothing to do. If I did have just in case yarn… I guess it would be a nice sturdy thing of acrylic. I’d most likely knit a scarf, and I’d make up my own weird little stich pattern (I’ll put a knit here, a knit there, three purls, a yarn over here… :roflhard: ). If I didn’t have my knitting needles I’d listen to all four of my classic disney songs CD’s. That’d last me a couple hours.

I’d be making socks and, failing that, I’d hope to be wearing a froggable sweater to save me from the madness of boredom! :wall:

My emergency knitting would be hats, or mittens, because those are the only 2 things that I could do without a pattern :oops:

I usually have my bag with me if I’m going someplace with the remotest chance of knitting. If I only had yarn and needles, I’d probably make a preemie square, blanket or hat.

If I didn’t have knitting and was stuck in traffic, I’d probably curse myself for not having it.

I have my “emergency or disaster knitting” it’s usually a pattern I’ve read through that I have yarn for but just not started. Plus I bring whatever my major project is.

Its happened on a long trip I’ve finished my projects I’ve brought so I buy a ball of acrylic and knit up baby hats. Cast on 50 stitches, knit for 3 or 4 inches, decrease 7 rows, wahlah a baby hat.

If I didn’t have my knitting I would be on dhs laptop, answering silly questions right here on KH. heh

  1. probably a scarf.

  2. KPPPM, if I can afford it.

  3. hmm. I’d look around and people watch, if I can. or I’d make to-do lists.

Stuck in traffic? I’m used to that! I commute a lot on the train, or the bus, so I’m used to either: sititng in traffic, or having a ton of time to do things.

If I was stuck in traffic, I would probably knit a scarf. Either a simple all knit scarf in a funky-wool, or something really simple that’s pretty basic so I don’t get frustrated.

I usually bring whatever I’m working with me to school, or when I travel, so usually I have enough wool to do things with. If a project is near completion, I’ll bring a new project, instead of an almost finished one.

If I could only choose one wool, I’d probably go with something fluffy-and large like “Soft Bouche”. I love this wool, it’s so delicate and sweet!

Without my knitting…I’d probably do my readings (college), listen to my IPOD (it follows me on my trips too), read fiction (I always have some book on me, or a manga), write (poetry, song-lyrics, college papers)…or just aimlessly stare out the window.

I’m not stranger to long stretches of time without much to do, and nowhere to go.

I don’t have emergency yarn or needles anywhere, but the only thing I could knit without a pattern is probably a scarf. :oops: So, I guess my “just in case” stash would consist of some Malabrigo (since that’s my current love) and some size 9 or 10 needles.

In Japan there is a technique using your finger to knit without knitting needles i saw a book in singapore that teaches you how to do it… pretty amazing though… maybe website or library might have info on this… i take my project whenever i go… just in case u never know… and i travel with my hubby to work often so that is a must for me on the plane …it calm me down no matter what the turbulence might be… i use floss (there is a small cutter attach) or nail cutter (new one never been used on any toes :happydance: ) to cut my yarn when i am on the flight since scissor is not allow

I second this. I carry my knitting everywhere. My emergency kit contains two skeins of Pattons Desire pink and a pair of homemade US#10s as well as a small pair of scissors.

Nadja xxx

The summer Knitty, or maybe the spring issue, had an article about finger knitting, with instructions and pictures.


I carry a sock project with me almost all the time. Sometimes a hat.

If I had no knitting I would probably irritate the people in the car with me by whining about having no knitting and wondering out loud where the closest craft store (or at least Wal-Mart) would be.

I guess I could knit up the hair I’d inevitably be pulling out by the end of it. :wink: