Funny jesus videos

youtube and myspace both have these hilarious videos posted. just search for “vintage 21 jesus.” they’re done by vintage 21, a church close to me. i’ve been there several times and i have a friend who goes there, so i know they’re not sacrilegious or anything. they had a short series on the stereotypes that people place on jesus.


BWAH!!! My husband and I both had tears in our eyes. My favorite was the second one, i’ve met so many people who really think you are sinning if you aren’t at church whenever the doors are open.

Very clever kids!

ditto on the second one! i was laughing so hard after i saw it! i showed it to my dad and he just had this bewildered look on his face the whole time. i guess you just have to be prepared. :oo: :lol:

They made him sound a little like Mr. Rogers… :teehee:

That was pretty good but did anyone look at the Family Guy video on youtube? There was also a video where a Byzantine-style Jesus does a stand-up joke. When I went to YT I searched for “funny jesus”

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

The second one was really funny:teehee: In the first one Peter sounded like Barney.