Funny i had to share from my 7 yo son

My 7 year old son has always enjoyed checking out yarn with me… i used to crochet with him on my lap when he was a baby (colic… i spent many nights up with him on my lap and crocheting… it was the only way he’d stay quiet and my dh had to be up for work at 5 am)… so anyway… the way he is about going to the craft stores is the way my dh is about any new electronic gadget… and the way many of us on here are about new yarns…

so we’re on our way to the store (which is on our way home from taking dh to work) and the boys (Jon is 9, CJ is 7) and they ask where we’re going and i say “joann’s”… Jon does the typical boy “do we have to?” and CJ starts bopping around in back “I love joann’s!”… so we get there and go to get out… and CJ’s still bopping around, we get in and he makes a beeline for the yarns (i’ve trained him well LOL)… does the whole over reacting sucking in his breath, freezing completely and staring at some of the nicer yarns (that’s my boy LOL)… i end up picking up 6 balls of the sensations bellezza collection tesoro (on clearance for 1.57) and 3 balls of the sensations bellezza collection stellina in purple (for a baby sweater out of daddy’s little girl pattern book… figured i’ll go and take what’s leftover to make a baby hat and maybe some booties)… i also picked up the “Learn to knit socks” pattern book…

anyway, we get up to the register and the cashier’s talking to the boys… and CJ pops up with “Yeah! i’m a BOY YARN LOVER!” just as dead pan… i cracked up laughing :slight_smile:

he’s going to be learning to knit soon…

:roflhard: How cute! I wish my 13 year old daughter would act like that. She has declared knitting “too girly”. Are you teaching your son to knit? Since my daughter wouldn’t let me teach her I started teaching my daycare kids.

he’s starting… he can sit and have a very long attention span, when he wants to. one day i caught him watching some documentary on how they built rome… he was all into it…

and the yarn he fell in love with first? lionbrand suade…

My 7 year old grandson is like that, too. I can hardly concentrate on what I want to look at because he’s feeling everything and calling me over to feel it, too.

When he was 3, he got all excited that ‘his name’ was up on the sign–YARN. His name is Ryan, but when you’re 3, doesn’t order matter?

He hasn’t declared himself a yarn lover yet, though. :lol:

That’s so cute! Makes me want to have kids… [SIZE=1]but only when I go to the store so they can say cute things like that. None of that “responsibility” crap that goes along with it… ::shudder::[/SIZE]

:teehee: Both stories were too cute! I :heart: them!

LOL!! 'Tis so funny! :roflhard:

Aww, what cute stories. Thanks for sharing them ladies.

Kids are a hoot! My 10yo is the one who got me knitting…I had to learn to teach her last year, and we’re both addicted now.

We were in JoAnn the other day fondling the yarn, and she said, “Mom, if I’m still like this when I grow up, I’ll put myself into financial ruin!!” :smiley: