Funny Crochet

Around Halloween I bought these 2 “skeleflamingos”. They are the flamingo lawn ornaments, but, skeleton versions…lol…Well, I decided they are so awesome I’m keeping them up year round, however, I needed to do something to holiday them up…:teehee:

For Thanksgiving, I crocheted a couple of the turkey gobbler things (caruncles?), to make them more festive, and tied them around the necks of the flamingos…lol…Here is one of my flamingos!

You can also see the Santa Hat on one of my flamingos HERE

:roflhard: :roflhard: I love those!! Where in the world did you find them? Too cute. :thumbsup:

I found them at our local grocery store, Schnucks. That’s the only place I saw them, which kind of surprised me, I would have thought target or Wal-Mart would have had them as well!

:chair::lol:Cute! so different and very not PINK! YEA!!!

I crochet and I am wanting to learn to knit. I make those amigurumi animals where you can get the patterns off of . They are super cute little creatures plus I am working on a granny square afghan. They are just the coolest and you can use all your scrap yarn. Not to offend anyone but I went to the Yarntiques store in JC and they lady there just didn’t seem to have time for me. She was in there with her knitting buddies while I was hunting for some bamboo yarn and I had to wait forever until she finished her knits and perls. The best thing about that shop was the talking parrot upstairs! Unfortunately the best place I found for yarn and a fabulous teacher went out of business. Well, she closed her shop to go on a book tour. Her shop was actually called Knit and Perl in Midway near Gray. Her work is beautiful and I wish I could find out where she is otherwise I will have to beg my grandmother to teach me how to knit again. I know there is a yarn mfg. site that does have knitting and crochet instructions. Not sure if you can learn from a book (I’m not good at it) but they are online for free if you want to give it a try. If you start a knitting or crocheting group I would be interested in joining. Sounds like fun.