Funniest knitting experience


I had the funniest knitting experience the other day. So, some of you might remember the toy stuffed pig I made for my DGD. It started out being a free pattern called Bitsy Bear. When I had finished the body and sewed her all together, she had a personality crisis and decided to be a pig. I dressed her in the dress and panties the pattern included, had someone crochet her a curly tail, put hair, eyes and eyelashes on her and called her “Bitsy Pig”.

The other day I opened up my Ravelry and there was a message from someone I did not know. I opened the message anyways and guess what I found???

The message was from the creator of the Bitsy Bear pattern, telling me how much she liked what I had done with her pattern and that she had wanted to create different animal patterns besides the bear but had never gotten around to it.

I am an honest person. I sent her back a message and told her the truth! It was an ACCIDENT that “Bitsy Bear” turned into “Bitsy Pig”. I also explained why we had to change the doll’s name to “Little Miss Piggy”. Three year olds can NOT say BITSY properly and I think you all know what my darling DGD was calling that poor piggie doll.

I’ve been laughing about the message I received for a couple of days now, and decided I should share it with all my KH friends so they could have a laugh as well!

:aww: :roflhard:

LOL Thanks for sharing!

cute story!

chuckles cute

That’s cute, I can just imagine what she did to the word.


Cute story.

LOL Very cute story . One you can tell your DGD when she is older too :slight_smile:

ROTFLOL - I just love stories about kids. They are so honest and innocent! Thanks for the laugh!

That’s great! Did you give the writer your pattern ideas? Ask for royalties!!! :teehee:

:teehee: Can we see a picture of your creation?

Sure, here she is!

:teehee: Kids are so cute! Love this and imagine the creator did, too! :roflhard:

That pig is darling! I love her dress, and her eyes!


:roflhard: That’s funny! I can only imagine what she called the pig! I don’t have funny stories yet because I’m new and have only a couple of very simple finished projects so far. My daughter gets a kick out of watching me knit along with my sock instructions DVD–and laughing at her frozen expressions whenever I pause it to catch up. She thinks the lady is funny. I think I could never have learned to follow a pattern without her!

:teehee: So cute!