Funky, silly red hat

I am a Red Hat lady and I only have one red hat and that is a sun visor so I made this one to start me off with a second. The yarn doesn’t look it, but it is a nice deep red. It is still damp so my purple eye lash isn’t quite all “lashed” out yet! I hope to get a couple more patterns and yarn combos churned out so I have changes. (BTW, the bear objected to being the model, but I insisted!


Ooooooooh!!! What a [size=6][color=red]F[/color][color=blue]U[/color][color=red]N[/color] [/size]hat!!! :happydance: :cheering: :muah:

You’ll have the whole group begging you to make one for them!


how fun!

Red Hat Ladies always seem to be having so much fun! I’m just too shy and I could never bring myself to wear red and purple together. :teehee: That is a cute hat!

oh man that is so cute. I Love it. I am sure you will be getting begged to make a billion of them!

Wonderful job - so whimsical!