Funky bunny (Mr Funky Super Crochet Wonderful) book ROCKS!

Begin film documentary: "Here is little Funky Bunny. We love her, despite her lumpiness, and vacant eyes… bunny pleases us.

a 5 year old child has claimed Funky Bunny as her own. She likes to make the poor bunny dress and undress several times a day. Bunny is demanding new clothes out of the latest amigurumi fashion magazines… and her afternoon tea. who knows how this little bunny will infiltrate the life of a normal family…

That is so adorable!
…:roflhard:“vacant eyes”…:roflhard: LOL

I love her to bits Mary.

Great work!

You now have to make bunny a complete new wardobe lol :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, that is sooooooo cute. I’ve been avoiding amigurumi books so far, but FOs like this make my resolve weaken! :roflhard:


that is really cute! :cheering:

Aww, your little bunny is adorable!

so cute! what is amigurumi??

Wow, you did a great job with her. That book is great (and you reminded me I still need to finish the hamster I started)

amigurumi are the japanese style little critters made by crochet. the Japanese have a whole world of animals and household items that are crochet to be life like. it is fascinating and addicting…
the wiki is a pretty good definition:

and websites abound with little animal cuteness…