FUN-TIME POLL~ Post a link to a picture of a strange/unusual knitted item

I’ll start:

[COLOR=“Red”]Knit Kabob:[/COLOR]


Here’s my submission.

knitted Volvo cover:

Here are some cute hats:
Have a nice night, everyone! :muah: Dawn Birdsong

Trogdor! The Burninator!

Disclaimer: This will be much more amusing if you are a fan of, the best flash cartoon on the internet. :slight_smile:

Maybe more lifelike than funny:

This one is grave:

And here’s a selection:

I love that beet and the sea creatures in the last link are just too cute! I want one!! :slight_smile:

Here’s another one~

[COLOR=“Magenta”]Hamburger dress: [/COLOR]


Some of these aren’t that bad, but some…oh my!

BTW…that hamburger dress! :lol:

Oopsie, the hamburger dress is crochet. Here’s something to make up for it~

:noway: Who in the world wants a hamburger dress? :rofl:

I saw a pattern for a knit uterus long before I started knitting-I would’ve saved it if I’d known!

Anyone every watch ‘Mr Bean’ This reminds me of him.

I would knit this if DH would wear it.
I think this one is just scary . My kids would have never wore one.

I like the last one!

Was it this:

OMG knitted uterus .Now that’s funny:rofl:

My DH would absolutely wear it…which is why I probably won’t knit it. :teehee:

OK - I just showed my BF the hamburger dress and he said that I should absolutely make it and wear it :roll:

Yes, I think that’s it! Ok, I know what everybody’s getting for Christmas next year! Seriously, I might make one for my midwife…

Another crochet, but worth a look. Open with care, may not be suitable for all.

Whoa, I spoke too soon. I need to learn to crochet and give that to my midwife instead of the womb.

How about:


Kitty Eye Patch: