Fun Project for One Ready to Stop Making Scarves

What’s a fun project with a BIT of challenge for a newby knitter who’s tired of making scarves? Any good ideas out there?

I’d go to and choose something you like… like a handbag or hat… some dish clothes maybe… thats a good way to learn patterns… really with knitting I think you should jump in with both feet and try whatever you want… someone is always here to answer questions :happydance:

Yeah, hats are what I moved onto next, and it taught me circular knitting. I love hats–quick to knit up. In fact, I’ve never quit making them–my kids have a neverending stream to choose from!

Hats are a good choice… thus speaks the lunatic who, having knit six inches of reasonably consistant scarf, immediately began a sweater (never finished) and a pair of fingerless gloves with flaps to cover the fingertips when needed. In otherwords… pick up a pattern you like and start it. If you get lost… well thats what this website is for! :slight_smile:

Socks aren’t nearly as hard as they look.

Baby clothes are great for learning the basics of making a sweater.

Washcloths are near-instant gratification.

I learned a LOT from learning to knit toys
small Cat toys and balls
increases, decreases, shaping, thinking ahead

just a though