Fun Navajo Chain Plying Technique

I’m sure some of you already know about this, but i recently found out about an interesting technique totally by accident: “Navajo chain plying”—the sort of clever little thing that seems so simple but never occurred to me till I heard about it.

The video shows how to chain ply to make a triple-thickness yarn. A cool trick to have in your bag to diversify.

I used it with worsted wt sugar ‘n cream cotton on sz 9 dpns to make a gift set of a beer cozy and matching coaster.

It eats up yarn but it goes quick. Would be an efficient way to make sturdy blankets/rugs out of ordinary and easy to find inexpensive worsted yarns.

(Note: I haven’t found it necessary to start each new strand with a slip knot as shown in video—i just loop the yarn back on itself in a long S shape so the ends are even, grab the three plies as one, and go. a slip knot takes longer to do and can get in the way of threading a yarn needle for weaving in the end later.)