Fun fur scarves

i was wondering if someone could help me out here… i am a beginner and i am trying to make a scarf… the first pattern i was using called for 123 stitches and with some advice i scrapped that and started over again… now this one is only 25 stitches… my needles are 11… i’m not sure what i am doing but does it really matter for a scarf?.. how many rows should i do?.. should i start again and use a different number of stitches… please help!

I’ve made several scarves out of the fun fur! I knit the entire thing, and did 20 stitches on size 10 needles. I used exactly 2 skeins of yarn (no clue how many rows that was). I liked the way it turned out, but when you get several rows on, you will see if you think it’s too thick or thin for your tastes. Also, as you knit, you’ll see the length as you go, and just keep knitting until it’s where you want it to be! =) At least when I did my scarves, the first one I started and restarted a few times to get hte width I liked! I would say for the scarf, just do what you like!
Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve made a variety of Fun Fur scarves already. The easiest is the 1-ball scarf which is only 16 stitches across, done in seed stitch on size 11 needles. The pattern is free on Lion’s website: I’ve made three of these so far. Instead of stopping at 30 inches long, I kept going until I had about 24" of yarn left before binding off.

I made one Fun Fur scarf that was 123 stitches long as well (I wonder if it was the same pattern as the one you tried?) and it was a counting nightmare for me with all the K2togs and YOs.